Back to work week


This week is often the hardest for everyone going back to work after the holidays.  There are however ways to make your time at work better and to reach the end of the week feeling happy and content and not like the office has drained all the energy that you built up over the festive period.


Here are some tips for surviving the back to work blues:

Create “fist pump moments”:


Don’t leave the “pat on the back” in other people’s hands alone. For example:

Pack a fantastic lunch – if you’re the sandwich type, go the extra mile and pack a lunch as if you were doing it for new friend you want to impress.  Include mini treats (like mini-muffins) or cut cheese and fruit into pretty shapes. 

Make a new playlist for the trip home – music’s a great way to relax and wipe away some of the day’s stress.

Pre-prepare your dinner – You get home and don’t need to worry about cooking, how fantastic!  All you can do is set the table and enjoy.  Find some slow-cooker recipes at


Start with system and ritual

Walking into your workspace feeling overwhelmed from the start is setting yourself up for failure.  Having a morning ritual (that doesn’t start with four cups of coffee and a muffin) is helpful in setting the tone for your day.

Here’s how:

Water – Set up a jug and pretty glass to ensure you get your daily recommended intake.  Add some lemon juice or mint leaves to spruce it up.

Space – Clear up and clean up. Organise work in piles.  Keep something you love or that inspires in your line of sight.  Ensure you sit comfortably, that your screen is at the right angle and that your keyboard and mouse are well positioned.

Equipment – Have all you need at arm’s length. Ensure everything is charged, sharpened and refilled.

Goals – Have a task list.  Add things as you go and tick off as tasks are completed, so you don’t forget anything.  You will love the satisfaction of an item with a big red line through it.  Try the following app,(works on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and Web and syncs to all devices) –


Personal goal setting

Keep in mind why you are doing what you do and how it helps you reach your personal goals.  You’ve probably just been through the mental process of at least one New Year’s goal, so now it’s time to put something in place to start working on that goal. 

Download apps to help you track exercise or weight loss, or to remind you to keep track of your health in general.  Sign up for a Zumba or Pilates class (and GO).  Buy craft supplies to start that silkscreening or candlemaking you’ve always wanted to try.  Sign up for a language class, or a photography class.  Start a dinner club and get together once a month for a fancy dinner with friends.

Whatever it is, it will help you relieve work stress when you have something relaxing to look forward to.

End the day well

It’s impossible to leave your work day at the office if it’s overlapping into your personal time in your mind.  Don’t just run out the door at the end of the workday, keep in mind that what you leave today is what you start with tomorrow morning.

Check your to-do lists and prioritise things that you didn’t finish today. Tidy up loose ends and old coffee cups, close browser windows and bookmark for later.  Look over what you have accomplished and how it brings you closer to your goals.

Big achievements are the sum total of their parts, and each thing you do today adds up to a bigger picture tomorrow.  Remind yourself of a job well done.

Here’s to a fantastic 2014!


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