Think like your boss


You want to advance your career, but you’re not sure how to go about it.

Your boss is always thinking of the bottom line, and his main focus is the future of the business.  Here’s how you can think and act like a business owner and get ahead.

Be passionate and enthusiastic about your job.

Your customers and your employer need to see this shine through in everything you do. This energy will fuel your drive for success in your job. Others will be drawn to you and inspired but this needs to be a sincere action.

Be very good to your customers.

They are the blood in the veins of your business. Customer satisfaction will drive the success of your job and your business. Treating them like gold is your number one priority.

Care for your people.

The number one asset in a business, is the staff. The team and its members.  Lead them, serve them, inspire them, acknowledge and inspire them, nurture them. Show them that you care about them – every day. Treat them like your family. Your success depends on the success of your colleagues.

Deliver more than expected

Under-promise and over-deliver. Take the extra step, walk the extra mile. Give first to get more back.

Roll up your sleeves.

Be willing to do whatever it takes to make the business successful (anything legal, of course).   If something must be done and there’s no-one else around, step up to the plate. Lead by example.

Improve your own abilities all the time.

Stay ahead of the competition. Help improve processes where you see it necessary. Cut costs. Read and learn new things to keep up with the times.


Much of business involves repetitive actions.  Look for development tools to streamline processes and to improve the efficiency and quality of your job. Help to up the standard of your company’s way of doing business.

Be cash wise.

Look for ways to save the company money. Spend the company’s cash like you would your own. Look for good deals and bargain with providers. Ensure you evaluate relevancy of expeditures. Do you really NEED it to do your job well?

Think ahead. Make the big picture a priority.

Step outside of your role and try to see the impact of your job on the business. Evaluate how to act and think to make your impact the best one possible on the business. Have a personal vision and mission and use these positively to benefit the company.


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